Climate Farmers

The booklet about the project can be downloaded in your language here: NederlandsFrançais | Deutsch | Español

European young farmers are looking for ways to make food production more sustainable. Sustainable in the sense that the food is produced with less emissions of greenhouse gases, like CO₂, N₂O and CH₄.
As farmers of the future young farmers are part of the solution in providing the next generations with "climate friendly" food. 

NAJK and CEJA have gathered good practices, already used in European dairy and arable farms, that are aimed to reduce the impact of agriculture on climate change. The aim is to exchange information and share knowledge. 

Under practices you will find a lot of proven measures from all over Europe. These are practical ways to reduce the impact of agriculture on climate change. 12 of the solutions from 4 countries are selected as case studies and have been analysed in depth by 24 young farmers. They have looked at the social and economic context and they checked if the measures could be applied in other countries.

 The database is a powerful tool for:
- Farmers looking for easy ways to reduce the emission of greenhouse gas on their farms
- Researchers wanting to complete theory with field-data
- Policymakers in making sure policy is stimulating and supporting farmers in embracing solutions.

For more information, please contact Climate Farmers by email,, or by phone +31 30 2769869.