Logo_NAJK-vierkant-01NAJK: for daring young farmers

NAJK is committed to defending the interests of young Dutch farmers. NAJK has around 8.000 members and works both on a local and a European level. NAJK maintains close relationships with important stakeholders like Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, LTO and CEJA. The future of young people engaged in farming is the main focus.

NAJK offers a range of learning modules  in which farmers learn about the best ways to take over a farm and how to read accountant reports. Also, NAJK develops projects and activities that stimulate the development of young farmers, like debates.


Local groups of young farmers are the foundation of NAJK. These groups act as independent organizations and consist of up to 300 members. They organize study visits, activities and events about a wide range of relevant subjects.

On a regional level, these local groups are organized within one regional board to ensure the exchange between groups. This board is also the link between the local groups and the national NAJK-board to ensure that the local groups receive up to date information about all the national and international developments taking place.


The regional boards make up the national NAJK-board. The main task of the board is defending young farmers’ interests on a national and international level. The focus lies in installation, revenues and societies concerns. The board has points of view of important subjects like the Common Agricultural Policy for now  and in the future. NAJK organizes courses dealing with installation and entrepreneurship.


NAJK is a member of CEJA (Conseil Européen des Jeunes Agriculteurs). CEJA is the voice of 1 million European young farmers to the European institutions. A NAJK-member is delegated to the CEJA working group meetings.


Would you like more information about NAJK please contact info@najk.nl.